Applications We Serve

For almost 20 years, Tarrant Lighting has applied our extensive expertise to a wide variety of multi-location applications, all of which are powerfully affected by high quality lighting. Click below to view examples of our work by application.

Tarrant Knows Hospitality

We understand the critical importance of lighting to the hospitality environment. Lighting not only impacts the comfort, utility, safety, and costs of your facility, it is also a powerful determinant of your perceived value in the mind of your customer.

We Understand:
  • Lighting as an art: We can provide a comfortable, relaxing environment for your guests.
  • Lighting as a science: We can meet the visual requirements of your guests and staff while assuring code compliance.
  • Product selection: We can help select lighting products for every space in your facility; from decorative to utilitarian back-of-house, controls, and everything in between.
  • Cost-of-ownership: We can minimize your energy and maintenance costs.
  • Logistics: We help you come in on-budget and on-schedule.