Applications We Serve

For almost 20 years, Tarrant Lighting has applied our extensive expertise to a wide variety of multi-location applications, all of which are powerfully affected by high quality lighting. Click below to view examples of our work by application.

Tarrant Knows Office

Lighting plays a critical role in the efficiency and satisfaction of your most valuable and costly resource, your people. At Tarrant Lighting, we understand the complexities of today’s office environment and the full range of technologies and techniques through which it can be effectively illuminated.

We Understand:
  • The right light levels: We assure the appropriate illumination level for each functional area to support its individual task visibility requirements and meet code.
  • Product selection: Product selection: We help select efficient, low-glare, high color-rendering luminaires for all functional needs including ambient, accent, task, emergency and others.
  • The benefit of controls: Whether simple sensors or cutting-edge intelligent systems, we design a lighting control system to maximize energy efficiency and user convenience.
  • Cost-of-ownership: We can minimize your energy and maintenance costs.
  • Logistics: We help you come in on-budget and on-schedule.