Applications We Serve

For almost 20 years, Tarrant Lighting has applied our extensive expertise to a wide variety of multi-location applications, all of which are powerfully affected by high quality lighting. Click below to view examples of our work by application.

Tarrant Knows Retail

At Tarrant Lighting, we are retail lighting experts. We’ve served diverse retail accounts throughout our 20-year history, accounts ranging from mass merchandising stores to the finest highend clothiers. We understand how lighting renders merchandise and affects your sales.

We Understand:
  • The importance of color: We can help select the right lighting to distinctly render your merchandise to display it at its best.
  • The impact of accent lighting: We can use accent lighting to create contrast ratios that draw attention to feature displays and create a dramatic, high-end atmosphere.
  • The right light levels: We assure that each zone in your store receives the right horizontal and vertical footcandle levels to illuminate merchandise and meet code.
  • Cost-of-ownership: We can minimize your energy and maintenance costs.
  • Logistics: We help you come in on-budget and on-schedule.